Okay read this agaiiinn this writings is the copy of the last year post but because this is good you need to read this everyday ok

1. Passion is misunderstood.

It is fulfilling to fail and struggle with the things you love to do. You’re not alone in your struggles because everyone fails. But the true mark of your passion shows when you pick yourself up from failure and get back up again.

2. Be empathetic.

Growing a team taught me the most important thing I wouldn’t have learned from my corporate job: how to be empathetic.

It’s specially important in a startup environment because each individual who joins you sacrifices the comfort or incentive they could enjoy in a bigger company. But they are with you because they believe in your cause and share your passion.

3. Being a CEO of a startup means getting your hands dirty.

You’re dabbling in HR, business development, and finance. You even need to think about what color your client’s social post visual should be. Don’t be hesitant to wear different hats because no job is too small.

4. Don’t run away from hard work.

The list of things to do will never end. Hard work is not your nemesis. Though it may give you a lot of pain, it also brings out the best in you and makes the journey worth it.

5. Stop finding work-life balance.

When you follow your passion, you will not need to choose between work and life because everything becomes a part of life. So stop, if you are still trying to find that balance.

6. Success = earning your team’s respect.

I thought success would be defined by the money I bring in, but I realized it’s only a measure. The intangible reward for what I sow, however, is earning the respect of my team and clients. That respect goes a long way to motivate you and encourage you to do the right things.

7. Spend time with like-minded people.

A lot of people walked away from my life; a few stayed—those who really believe in what I’m doing. The journey is lonely but this is part and parcel of thinking differently and doing things differently, so spend time with like-minded people who are in the same boat.

I recently joined the Founder’s Squad in Singapore, a community where you get to meet company founders every month to discuss your challenges and share your experiences.

8. Find the right talent.

Hire smartly and don’t be reluctant to fire. Coupled with a small budget and tight timelines, finding the right talent is tough.

While you may go wrong a number of times, the only way to make it right would be to let those people go. It is better to spend time finding the right fit and building a team who shares your goals.

9. Challenge the status quo.

Make your hard work count by challenging the status quo. My company started as a professional services company in the digital sphere and within two months we expanded to become a platform company. It was important for us to innovate and rally behind unconventional ideas to be seen as a disruptor.

10. Don’t be insecure.

When I started Passion Peers, I had a lot of insecurities. One of them was the fear of losing out. As a result, I almost always said yes to things that weren’t worth it, but I was wrong.

11. Achieve milestones one by one.

Break your dreams and ambitions down into milestones. There is never going to be an end goal, and what will push you forward is achieving your milestones one at a time.

12. Be patient.

Give things time. Nothing will happen overnight (other than maybe gaining weight, social media crisis, and a project blunder). Everything else takes time, whether it is growing a team, getting more customers, earning your first million, or making an impact. Patience is key.

13. Stop living with regrets.

A senior professional asked me what is one thing I am happiest about in life. Without a second thought, my answer was not having a single regret and that I do the things that I want every day. I am constantly trying out new stuff that I am curious about and learning new things.

14. Let yourself out every day.

Find an activity every day to let yourself out. Set aside an hour in your day and make that all about you. I finally started my Muay Thai classes this year and there is nothing like fighting in a ring and being surrounded by walls with Muhammad Ali’s inspiring quotes.

15. Being competitive is not unhealthy.

Many say that being competitive is unhealthy. But as long as it doesn’t jeopardize your morals or character, competition can be a good thing. It keeps me going and pushes me to become better than myself.

16. Fight to conquer yourself.

Don’t be disheartened if you lose to someone. Be disappointed, rather, if you lose to yourself. Strive to become better every day. It’s like what my Muay Thai coach said: “Don’t fight as if you want to conquer a battle, fight to conquer yourself and the battle will take care of itself.”

17. Invest in yourself.

Read, travel, attend conferences, and do tons of things that will make you feel uncomfortable.

18. Be with experts.

Surround yourself with people who bring different sets of expertise to the table.

19. Listen.

This is a skill that I have always undervalued. Listen to what your clients and team want and what the next big thing the industry is looking for.

20. Read a lot.

Read and read some more, then apply what you’ve read. One of my clients is a young multimillionaire entrepreneur. He finishes three books every week. We discuss his learning and use them to execute our projects.

21. Define yourself and your venture.

It is important to define yourself and your entrepreneurial project well. Keep it in writing.

22. It’s OK to start alone.

It is fine to not have a co-founder or a partner in your business. A lot of people advised me not to start alone, but if you have a clear vision and are aware of your capabilities, you’ll do fine as a single founder.

23. Take a break.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Let your mind wander occasionally. Get rid of the fear of missing out (or as my peers would say, FOMO) or being late for the game. Taking time off during weekends has allowed me to be more productive and creative during weekdays.

24. Think long term.

Once you have established your company operations, spend the following year investing in long-term disruption. Building a sustainable model is crucial.

25. Reach out for help.

When multiple changes happen simultaneously, which is absolutely normal in the startup world, don’t let that feeling of despair cause you to self-destruct. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help and call your family and friends. My parents were there for me and they were always the best people to put things into perspective.

Source: Kanika Agarwal techinasia


hello blog good evening, i’m writing this after i finished doing logo for my mother community exhausted. There will be a lot grammar because i’m so tired right now but because suddenly i remember my old blog so i will write, now.

its been half year the last blog i wrote, thats so long.

anyway in these months i was:

  • finished my gradutes
  • failed n4 exam again
  • get a job in a startuo (my senior does)
  • get streesed a lot my skin is so muuuuchh worrrseee asfjflashgjslg i need to go to doctor asap
  • get insecure a lot a lot a looooooooott for friendship (that i thought lmao but now idc anymore, just a talking friend from the past)
  • i dont draw again, its been 2 month since i draw something
  • lack of motivation for life
  • lack of motivation so i buy anything that i want i’m a fraid i will get broke fast
  • regret rent place near workplace turn out its half of my payment
  • i’m feeling a lot better at expression myself to family and thanks god they understand that i reaaaallllyyyyyy insecure and introvert, they didnt force me to go to wedding etc etc
  • i delete my drawing instagram bc many things
  • have many new views of my current friends and circles
  • lost some people that i thought friend, just using me to pass their report lmao i need to forgot her
  • suddenly just realize i dont have anyone that understand me so i’m gonna be relax
  • because i think i’m asexual and i dont have any life goal (except some list to filling my rest time) i’m gonna be more relax
  • oh i also rarely playing lineplay anymore, i’m a grown up now! lol
  • now i want to draw some doujin hentai or yaoi hardcore before the new year
  • recently i lost my faith so i’m gonna find my own peace

welp i’m so grown up, look all of these grown adult does

and yep i’m getting more strees, i need to go to doctor tomorrow

and also

going to wedding with friend’s bf is a big no no

how should i said no to this, peacefully, i

need to sleep bye

Skill or Emotion”wasted”

To having a break down for a years making me feel uneasy to spilling my thoughts, it’s so hard. Eventually i tried to learn (still learning) english, japanese, spain, and korean language so no one know what am i speaking when i write it down in social media. But then i’m poor in time management and i lost control with my habit drowning in my daydreaming everytime.

The point why i write this was should i pursue skill than taking care my emotion ?

When i pursue my dream sometimes i have this urge to make something else like, googling “how to treat acne, black-spot”, me time too much, writing this nonsense in this blog, googling timeline in my twitter account, move on playing lineplay, move on playing miracle nikki, move on to googling “acne treatment” and so on.

Ah….i shouldn’t called it emotion tho, i should called it “wasted”

Firstly i need to write down what i want in the next 3 years, this year, this month

Second tape it everywhere in the wall

Third dispose any things that would halt me from reaching my dream

Forth i’ll try to discipline and to begin that habit i should start pray again, it seems……i dont like praying bc i cant meditate enough. When i start praying i would daydreaming again. I need to fight that.




I choose skill than emotion

(i guess i should halt that cosplay project to another time)

(and i need to make it habit, write some nonesense in english everyday)

To-Do=shut up

I’m barely do any to do list last month, should i keep writing about this plan (that i never make it anyway) in this blog?




May to-do-list:
– Draft comics
– Folklore story book
– New shop
– Title for final project



WIP improvement

these wips i did in feb – march – may

But i’m not satisfied with these drawings and i still got a long way to go. I hope i can get grasp of what kind drawing style do i want. By the way this morning was a chaos, my ps get error and i dont have kuota to googling the problem until i went to college to get free wifi (lol). So yea when i write this i was at library cafetaria. I’m really grateful for this blog thankyou so muchh eonni!!!1

For the next months i will uploading my webtoon about startup, but my friends really underestimate my guts to make it happen. Sad and feeling betrayed, skip, anyway i want to take this topic because a lot of my friends do startup and some creativepreneur business. A lot of people said these kind job opportunity just a trend and i dont know if i should take it much because i intend to work in one of startup in the next year. Hmm decision decision…..


I’m getting thinner everyday since i back at home. I was 5’1 and 95lbs when i write this post. It’s not like i dont want to be judge for being anorex (if i keep this up) but the things is i’m afraid i cant get in front of pc long enough because i need more extra meat for make it work, get it?


Not everyone would understand this but when someone suddenly had a panic attack they would become anxious and weird, this was happen to me yesterday after my mother and i finish shopping at a book convention. My mother suggest us to visit IKEA for eye shopping because the place was close from the convention hall. After we arrived i felt some cold gaze from peoples idk if i just imagined it or not but i’m feeling really uncomfortable and i just want to go home asap. Well thats the summary of yesterday experience, when i write this i’m about finishing some wips so bye